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The position 

This position is accountable for providing managerial leadership and direction to the Site, maximizing capital and human resource utilization. Whilst also attaining production objectives of acceptable quality, within established cost parameters, as well as customer goals in a rewarding, safe and secure climate for employees and community.

The position is also accountable for management of the people, materials and assets of the Site for the purpose of producing assigned products according to the production plan and customer requirements while meeting Management Objectives of quality, service, safety, cost, output, productivity, yield and raw material control.

Tasks & responsibilities

  • The enforcement of safe systems of work and holding those below them in the management structure accountable for their health and safety performance.
  • The provision of safe equipment, safe working environment and ensuring all employees/contractors are provided with and wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • Ensure employees are adequately informed, instructed, trained and supervised to safely carry out work for which they are engaged.
  • Ensure a safe working environment, striving for zero recordable injuries in compliance with internal policies and external legislation, through the delivery of key enabling activities (e.g. Near Misses, Safety Observations, timely completion of actions). Ensure that safety and environmental incidents are fully investigated and the appropriate countermeasures established.
  • The Site Manager must maintain a consistently high level of morale in an extremely fast changing production environment; they must maintain high quality and service levels and plan for growth.
  • Responsible for submitting the operating plans for the site to the Area Director of Operations for approval and then directing the overall operation towards achieving the agreed objectives.
  • To accomplish the site goals requires the coordination and unification of efforts of a number of diversified departments and activities. This requires considerable time to plan, develop, and implement programs and procedures designed to create a team attitude and approach.
  • Periodically review the reporting and work flow relationships to simplify efforts, reduce costs (including time requirements) and to achieve compatible, supporting, and harmonious relationships between Managers/Supervisors and their personnel. Spend time communicating with other managers, external of the Site, in exchanging information and establishing programs for staff to assist them in reaching their goals.
  • Remain aware of and disseminate appropriate technical and business developments, governmental regulations and corporate policy and procedures (personnel, manufacturing and engineering).
  • Manage and motivate the various Operations functions to ensure that the customer’s needs are met by producing quality products, which are delivered on time and in full.
  • Set targets and monitor financial, quality and delivery performance.
  • Create a dynamic operations team, and develop the culture of continuous improvement through coaching and leadership. Maximise the contribution of all area’s.
  • Assist with the development of the planning process from forecasting through production planning/scheduling, material purchasing/supply, storage and distribution to the customer to provide high levels of customer service with the lowest possible inventory and optimal stock turn.
  • Identify, review and manage capital investment requirements, which provide flexibility and facilitate the achievement of the business plan in terms of productivity, quality service safety and environmental responsibility.
  • Ensure that operating procedures comply with the relevant Quality and Environmental management systems.
  • Maintain a culture and environment of empowerment, active communication, and an appreciation of the business/ customer needs
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Candidate profile

Formal education

  • Good standard of education (Technical/Business Degree Level)

Knowledge and skills

  • A natural and instinctive leader.
  • English speaking
  • German speaking
  • Ability to effectively build and manage relationships
  • Managarial experience in Germany
  • Managerial experience in FMCG and batch process environment (supervisory / management qualification preferred)
  • Experience of working to ISO9001 and IS04002
  • Knowledge and experience of TQM, JIT and continuous improvement techniques.
  • Ability to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
  • Experience of the workings of plant and equipment (Chemical Plant preferred)
  • Experience of motivating others, an effective communicator and approachable demeanor.
  • Experience of working in a results driven environment.


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Deze procedure is gesloten (01-11-2022).

Over deze headhunter - Breukhoven Jung

Wij houden er van om mensen bij elkaar te brengen. Op een manier die duidelijk is voor alle betrokkenen en zoden aan de dijk zet, zonder onnodig lange procedures. Breukhoven Jung heeft een platte organisatiestructuur met zeer korte communicatielijnen. 

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