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Top of Minds Executive Search for Recruitee

The organization

When its founders launched Recruitee, they knew first-hand how time-consuming the recruitment process can be. They saw the need for an easy to use tool that could provide a clear overview of the entire hiring process. That’s why they developed an intuitive, cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that supports hiring processes every step of the way. The scaleup empowers organizations to work together and build talented teams using a tool that is accessible to everyone.

Recruitee’s SaaS solution is tailored to SMB and mid-market businesses across industries that employ up to about one thousand employees. Their number one collaborative hiring software provides the tailored features to support a strategic, seamless and collaborative recruitment process. Customers can leverage Recruitee’s software to build custom pipelines, attract and source top talent, evaluate candidates, organize and automate recruitment processes and enhance employer branding.

“Collaboration has always been at the heart of how we run Recruitee. It helps us solve problems better, set ambitious goals, achieve them at speed, and add value for our customers.” – Perry Oostdam, CEO and Co-Founder of Recruitee

Based in Amsterdam, Recruitee has more than 118,000 users from 5,000+ companies across seventy-five different countries. The scaleup’s primary markets are the Benelux, the DACH region, the US and Canada, the UK and Ireland, and France. Supported by private equity investor PSG Equity, which specializes in B2B software, Recruitee is ready for its hypergrowth phase and accelerating its already impressive annual growth rate of sixty to seventy percent.

The position

Recruitee is the number one collaborative hiring software that helps build top teams. France is a key market for the scale-up with its untapped potential. The new Country Manager of France will develop a strong local organization and the most efficient go-to-market strategy to achieve maximum impact in the country.  

Tasks & responsibilities

Recruitee has been steadily developing its presence in the French market. The Country Manager of France will expedite the scaleup’s local pace and triple revenues from this year to the next. The key challenges include designing a strategic vision, ensuring a localized approach and building a strong brand name. The Country Manager will be based in France and report to the Global Director of Sales.

“The new Country Manager will have the opportunity to fully own our approach in France, which is one of our top five markets. I expect them to align our organization on what we need in terms of operations, product, and strategy to be a local success.” – Lodewijk de Stoppelaar, Global Director of Sales, Recruitee

The Country Manager’s main responsibility will be to design and execute a go-to-market strategy, including messaging and positioning. Their strategy will focus on account country-specific aspects such as the status of the labor market and local competitors. Additionally, this role will be responsible for building the organization, from setting up operations to expanding the team.

The French team is made up of Content Marketing, Customer Success, Sales and a Localization Specialist. To start, the Country Manager will focus on managing the Sales team of two Account Executives. They will then lead, influence, and bring together various internal stakeholders such as Marketing and Product Development, without a direct reporting line. Once successful, they may get the chance to take ownership of the full country P&L. This means that with success comes the opportunity to rapidly expand on their role.

The position is an ideal fit for a seasoned sales management professional who is confident in combinomh a numbers-driven approach with creativity and strategy while scaling up a business.

Candidate profile*

  • Over 7 years of experience in Sales 
  • Background in tech 
  • Experience in the French market 
  • Knows how to build a business 
  • Analytical 
  • Leadership experience 

* Research shows that while male candidates feel confident enough to apply when they meet about 60% of the requirements, female candidates only apply when they tick every box. So if this role has your name on it, but you’re not sure about the criteria, we still want to hear from you.


You can apply to this position by using the link below. Recruitee is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.

Deze procedure is gesloten (11-11-2022).

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