Director of Finance & Operations

€ 100.000+
Yess voor RNW Media

The organisation

RNW Media is a Dutch NGO internationally active in the digital media area.

Their mission is to identify young people’s needs, and bring them together in user-owned digital communities where they can safely engage on taboos and sensitive topics, generating strong stories for advocacy to unleash their potential for social change.

They work with local people to develop online platforms that provide young people with information in areas where this information is often restricted or taboo. These platforms are safe places where they can engage with each other and have conversations about what really matters to them – both personally and politically.

The position

The Director of Finance & Operations (Director of F&O) is responsible for the efficient delivery of RNW Media’s Finance and Operations Support activities.

The director has to secure a high quality level of support within a disruptive, changing organization. RNW Media wants to continue to excel. This requires continuous innovation, sustainable, efficient and fruitful collaborations, growth of professionalism and quality of service and a flexible attitude towards employees.

The challenge in this role is the flexibility that is required in a rapidly changing environment. It requires thinking on your feet and act quickly but also working in a disciplined and structured manner.

The Director of F&O is member of the Management Team, reports to the CEO, and manages the F&O team members. The Director has a functional line with the chair of the Audit Committee of the Supervisory board.

Tasks & responsibilities

  • Creating a vision of the future, thinking long-term, interactively and beyond one’s own area;
  • Maintaining an overview of the entire process when planning a project, setting both short and long term goals for self and others;
  • Enthusiastically accepting and promoting change, driving improvement through people, transforming and aligning in a new and challenging direction;
  • Developing and stimulating a culture of communicating problems openly and addressing them;
  • Implementing the right standards, procedures and processes to identify and solve (potential) issues;
  • Stimulating team collaboration to solve problems, handing off responsibility to team members in a considered way, understanding the relative strengths of each person and 
  • Understanding and valuing diversity and individual differences.

Candidate profile

  • An academic degree
  • Preferably 10+ years of experience in financial management on strategic, tactical and operational level gained in professional and international (project) organizations
  • Preference of experience at NGO or Not-for-Profit organizations and/or a demonstrable interest in the workfield of RNW Media
  • Preference for a solid track-record of managing outsourced service delivery (SLA-OLA)
  • Understanding of system controls, financial controls and risk assessment
  • Solid track record in managing related organizational change
  • Proven leadership experience, including the leadership and development of a multidisciplinary, functional team


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