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100k - 150k per annum
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Our client is an international Wholesale organisation specialized in development and sales of products such as apparel, shoes, accessories. The organisation is part of a Holding with more subsidiaries.

Position within the organisation

The CFO is responsible to the COO of the wholesale organisation , under the operational responsibility of the CFO of the Holding. Together, the COO and the CFO form the statutory board, which is responsible for managing the organisation. The CFO will be directly responsible for a team (ca. 4 people) , and indirectly responsible for the logistical organisation, administration & controlling department, facility management and ICT.

Purpose of the function

The CFO is the "business-economic conscience" of the company. He/She is responsible for the organisation, execution and evaluation of instruments necessary for (financial) management and supervision of the organisation and ensures that the primary processes are optimally supported by financial processes, as well as guaranteeing the continuity of the company. He/She is ultimately responsible for a well-functioning logistical department, ICT, administration & controlling and facility management, and ensures that the primary business processes are optimally supported. The CFO is also responsible for ensuring that the qualitative and quantitative business-economical and legal aspects are taken into consideration in the decision-making process (organisation, products, and services) at all levels. 
Result areas

  • Policy development
  • Contribute to the development of long-term strategy regarding vision, philosophy and positioning.
  • Determine annual plans and budgets for the administration & controlling department, ICT/IPC, logistics and facility management:
  • Administration & controlling. Responsible for organising (design, implementation and execution) of adequate management instruments for planning and control of the organisation's business processes 
  • Responsible for ensuring proper functioning of planning, budgeting and reporting processes, and advise the MT regarding effectiveness and efficiency in the business processes
  • -Logistics / ICT / facility management
  • Evaluate proposals (policy and budget) and monitor performance§ Responsible for optimal functioning of logistics, ICT and facility management organisations 
  • Participate in or supervise projects relating to ICT, logistics, facility management
  • Participate in negotiations with suppliers (if necessary)
  • Co-ordination of legal affairs § Ensure that legal aspects are taken into consideration in the decision-making process (services, products, contracts, brand protection) at all levels 
  • Advise on and deal with legal issues (if necessary with the assistance of legal experts)
  • Responsible for the execution of the HR policy regarding own staff members, in compliance with the HR handbook and supplementary guidelines


The CFO performs independent policy and operational tasks, if necessary in consultation with the CEO/CCO of the Holding and after approval of policy plans and budgets by the Holding.

Education and experience

  • Masters degree in Economics supplemented with a legal course.
  • Minimum of 10 years experience, including 4 in a management or senior management position.
  • Affinity with ICT and logistics.
  • Proficiency in English and MS Office.

Contact information

You can apply by using the form below. For more information please call Steven Enters, Senior Consultant APL BV 020-6710218.

Deze procedure is gesloten (26-10-2009).