Executive Search Consultant China Office

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 Executive Search Consultant China Office


Quaestus Senior Management Search

Quaestus is part of the international network IMD, International Search Group. In cooperation with Shangzhi HR Solutions, located in Shenzhen, China, Quaestus initiated the establishment of Shangzhi Search, also a member of IMD. Quaestus and IMD focus on sourcing senior management and board level candidates for various sectors.



Job description:

We are seeking an experienced executive search consultant for our office in China to assist us in expanding our activities in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is the first Special Economic Zone in China and has grown to reach a population of 14 million in the space of 30 years. In the coming years Shenzhen aspires to grow into the largest economic region in the world (100 million inhabitants) and to develop into the world's new Silicon Valley. In order to achieve this ambition there is a high demand for Overseas Chinese who wish to return to China, or for top level managers from other cultures keen to accept the challenge of working in China. This experienced consultant will act as the linking pin between companies in the Shenzhen region and our international IMD organisation. Experience is required in the technological sector. Fluent command of Mandarin and English.


  • Client acquisition in the Shenzhen region;
  • Maintaining a network at government level;
  • Holding intake interviews for new placements at senior level;
  • Maintaining good relationships with the members of IMD with the aim of building a network of Overseas Chinese;
  • Managing researchers engaged in identifying the candidate market;
  • Driving the evolution of Shangzhi Search into the best agency for high level Executive Search in the Shenzhen region.

Terms of employment:

Customised package of employment conditions


You can apply to this position by using the link below.
For more information, please contact Job de Visser at +31 (0)73 61 54 700 or +31 (0)6 51 42 05 31.


Deze procedure is gesloten (14-12-2011).

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